North Korea: Kim Jong Un aspires to make his country a “space power”


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has ordered the expansion of intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) launch facilities to an “ultra-modern, advanced” base during a visit to the site, according to the official KNA news agency. North Korea to become a “space power”.

Earlier, South Korea’s defense ministry said Pyongyang had used a new intercontinental ballistic missile in two recent tests, most likely with the intention of launching it under the guise of a space satellite carrier.


Military analysts say North Korea appears ready to launch a satellite that will include the use of banned ballistic missile technology used in intercontinental ICBMs.

A US official spoke of a “serious escalation” that requires a united response from the international community.

It has announced that the US Treasury Department, which has already imposed a series of sanctions on North Korea, will announce new measures aimed at preventing the Pyongyang regime from accessing equipment and technology from abroad, which will allow it to develop its arsenal.